Where to start moving?

If you are going to move, you must be prepared for that. However, it’s difficult process and not everyone can take this challenge. But once you decided to move you should treat this task responsibly. Otherwise, troubles are inevitable: in the turmoil, something will be lost, it will break, it will break.  And it’s better to start preparing for a couple of weeks before the day of move. So, where to start moving?

Solve organizational issues

If you have small children or pets, think about where to attach them for the time of transportation of things.  They do not need stress, and you – unnecessary troubles on a busy day. And if possible, take a vacation at work to get together slowly.

Getting ready for the move

Get rid of all unnecessary things.  When moving, it often turns out that in the process of living, a lot of unnecessary things accumulated in the house that you have not used for a long time.  Change of place of residence is an excellent occasion to part with any rubbish. Throw it away, sell it, give it away – according to circumstances. Stock up on the packaging: ask in the nearest store boxes, buy large garbage bags for clothing and bedding.  Prepare several rolls of scotch, scissors and a marker, which will sign the boxes. Check if you have kept the boxes from household appliances: TV, microwave, computer. If not, choose suitable ones for the size.

Packing things

Begin packing from things that you rarely use.  For example, with off-season clothing, which in the near future you will not need.  Pack blankets, carpets, curtains, part of the dishes.

Take out the furniture you take with you as you release the space in apartments. Dismantle closet and fix the details with adhesive tape. Put fittings in separate pouches or boxes and necessarily sign.  Beds and sofas better should be prepared for transportation in advance. It’s not difficult to sleep in bad conditions, on the floor or on mattresses for a couple of days. Prepare the bag with the essentials.  These are keys, money, documents, valuables.  With this bag on the day you move, you will be inseparable.

Prepare a box for what you will take last.  There you fold the clothes in which you will move, the remains of the products. And the most necessary utensils – a couple of plates, cups, spoons, a saucepan.  This dish you will use the last day in the old place and immediately be able to unpack it in a new house.

Let these tips help you to move without problems.  The main thing is to get ready for the move in advance and prepare without haste and everything will be fine!

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