Winter House Moving Tips

According to the recent (2015) study undertaken by the US Bureau, about 50% of Americans prefer moving in summer. Hot season is beneficial in terms of weather, due to the holidays, better housing options and garage sales opportunities. Summer is a busy time for all professional local movers, including Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc.

Meanwhile, if you still decide to move your house in winter due to an emergency, think about the advantages of this choice and try to solve all seasonal issues decently. Read this article and try to be prepared for all hardships, following our short, expert tips.

Seasonal Moving Trends in California and Illinois

According to the survey, published by MyMovingReview, California is the first; Illinois is the fifth US state in terms of local movers’ number (as of 2015). Chicago and Los Angeles are within 5 top cities, holding the second and the fourth places (after New York and Houston). These services are quite popular here, while the residents commonly move within their native states. Additionally, Illinois leads the disconsolate list of the outbound cities, but Los Angeles is within top 10 moved-to metropolitan areas. Therefore, reliable house movers in our cities are always in high demand, especially in summer.

Meanwhile, the climate and the weather conditions in these two states are quite different in winter, thus the residents face quite dissimilar moving challenges.

Unfortunately, California is losing residents nowadays. According to IRS (Internal Revenue Service), 5 million people have left the state (from 2004 to 2013). The basic reasons are extremely high housing prices, tax rates and enormous cost of living. NAR (the National Realtors’ Association) states that housing prices have risen by 71% since 2011.

Meanwhile, the most popular moving destinations for the former California residents are Texas and the nearest Arizona, so the climate changes and not too significant. The people who move to Washington and the other northern states, ordering our affordable long distance (interstate) moving services, may face some acclimatization challenges. The residents that grew in warm California climate, are to be ready to stand cold northern winters. Additionally, it’s preferable to select another season for the house move to the north.

Moreover, California climate is mild; frosts and snowfalls are infrequent in Los Angeles. Therefore, peak season for local moving services here lasts from April to October, and the first weeks of November may be still quite busy.

As to Illinois residents, seasonal trends are vibrant in Chicago. Due to harsh winters, peak season here lasts from May to September. Thus, when you are forced to move within the state due to any family or professional needs or emergencies, please, follow the tips stated below and consult your experienced house movers about all challenging issues.

Winter Moving Preparations

Thus, if you are pressed to move in winter and want to make is safe, follow several simple moving tips:

  • start planning early;
  • check the weather;
  • clean the walkways of snow and melt the ice;
  • hire professional local movers.

As the days are shorter in winter, you may feel not as vigorous and cheerful as in summer, and the list of essential tasks is a bit longer, try to start preparations a month or two before the event.

Safety is to be certainly ensured, so the trips during blizzards and storms are to be postponed until the weather improves. Thus, your house moving schedule is to be extremely flexible, including plans B and C, several scenarios and having a lot of time devoted.

Keep the driveways and paths to the house clear, using salt and sand, melting the ice before the truck arrives. Prepare the parking space, checking that it’s clean, free of snow and ice. There should be enough place for dollies and hand trucks and the paths are to be safe for the local movers to load the moving truck fast and efficiently.

Additionally, a DIY house move in winter could be dangerous and complicated. Experienced movers are able to make the relocation safe even at the extremely low temperatures outdoors, eliminating and illnesses like cold or injuries. We also use the special packing measures, keeping the belongings from being spoilt in freezing temperatures during the delivery.

Items Packing and House Preparation Specialties

As any seasonal move preparations require, you’ll need to clean your old house, fix all the equipment and schedule a house owner’s inspection. Meanwhile, a winter move is special, pressing you to take some additional measures.

Thus, on the moving day or shortly before it, keep your old house warm. Check that your new house is warm and the utilities such as electricity and hot water are already functioning. Protect the floor, carpets and inside space with cardboard and plastic sheets.

Your furniture and memorable belongings are to be properly wrapped and packed to protect them from moisture and low temperatures. That’s why the cartons, boxes and moving blankets are extremely thick and reliable. Therefore, it’s preferable to order custom wrapping materials and professional packing services to avoid any damages and spoilages.

Your Own Trip Preparations

A trip in winter, especially a long-distance one, may be uneasy and attributed to multiple dangers. That’s why, anticipating a forthcoming day:

  • dress warmly;
  • prepare a lot of hot drinks and snacks to take along;
  • think about eating out every 4 hours on the way;
  • take a lot of warm clothes along;
  • keep your own vehicle maintained and ready for a winter trip;
  • take care of your family members, especially small kids, as well as pets during the move;
  • drive carefully.

Kids may take part in packing preparations, if they want it. However, try to keep your pets and kids away during the bulky furniture and staff loading. During a short-time, local move, it’s preferable to hire a babysitter and ask you neighbors or relatives to board your cat or dog for several hours, at least. A long-distance move requires special preparations and a lot of essentials. So, think through all moving day aspects in beforehand, consult a doctor or a veterinarian, if necessary.

Winter Move Benefits

As your local movers are not as busy in winter as in summer, cold season offers several great moving benefits. Moving in December, January or February, you get:

  • the most affordable moving rates;
  • great selection of moving days available and professional moving companies ready to help you;
  • the best relocation conditions.

In winter, you can get significant discounts and comprehensive range of moving services. The rates offered by multiple house movers are 10-30% lower than in summer.

Meanwhile, here, at Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc., we are always flexible, attentive to our valued customers’ requirements and needs. We offer full service moving services, including packing, piano moving, furniture assembly. So, contact us anytime, during any season to get professional moving assistance at affordable cost.

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